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We are one of the highest accredited IT Asset Disposal and data destruction providers in the UK

We offer a full cradle to grave service from IT Installation / IT Decommissioning  to Data Shredding Services

I.T Asset Disposal

Free and secure IT Disposal & Data Erasure, full audit trail and 100% recycled. No landfill. No incineration.

Secure Logistics, Security Cleared Employees, Online Portal Account, and cashback potential on equipment! ALL FOR FREE!

Data Erasure

Our Certified data erasure guarantees data is destroyed securely

We are audited by ADISA who forensically check our data erasure methods on UNANNOUNCED audits!.

I.T Asset Management

Our clients come to us because they know that we can take care of the entire IT Asset management process.

Our Services include IT installation services , IT Deployment , Software Deployment services, IT Decommission Services, Data Centre Migrations, IT Disposal , Data Destruction Services and Data Shredding on site and offsite!

Data Shredding

We can shred any data bearing media onsite and offsite down to 6mm particles!

We offer harddrive shredding , backup tape shredding, data shredding services

What makes the difference?

We are the industry leading ITAD Provider

The Security of your Data is the bedrock of our service.

Take No Risks….

Features Other ITADs GIGACYCLE
Free Collections
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Licensed Waste Carrier
Certified & Secure Data Destruction
Own Fleet of Secure CCTV GPS Tracked Logistics
ADISA - Distinction level Certification
Staff Security Vetted to BS7858 Standards (SC Cleared)
NO Third Parties / Contractors

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide full transparency to you at every stage of the retirement process. Each stage is compliant with several ISO standards, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) standards and the ADISA standard for the overall process and methods.


Your Assets are securely collected using our own satellite tracked vehicles and security vetted staff


We will itemise any asset tag every item, this is visible immediately in our online collection portal


We will securely wipe all data and remove any identifying markings on all assets


We will refurbish and repair the IT equipment


Your assets are re marketed using our specialist sales channels to obtain the highest value, You will then receive the Revenue back for the Equipment!

Gigacycle IT Asset Disposal Computer Recycling Computer Disposal Data Erasure Data Destruction WEEE Disposal

Online Customer Portal

Book, View and modify collections, View Collection History, Data Destruction Certificates, Waste Transfer Notes and Manifests all available online in your portal.

Real-time Access, Anytime, Anywhere

View the status of your assets as they are being processed live in real-time with access to the portal from any smart device or web browser.

Data Destruction Certificates

Data Destruction Certificates can be downloaded and are always available on the portal, individually matched to each asset by serial number for your convenience.

Secure Asset Management Portal

You'll receive access for yourself or your clients to our secure portal where current or past collections can be viewed and certificates downloaded.

Every Asset is tracked

Every asset we collect is audited into the system for you to view in real time. We itemise all assets by make, model, serial number, asset tags and weight for you to view online.

Featured Clients

Computer Hard Drive Disposal

As computer hard drive disposal specialists, Gigacycle is here to assist you with all your data destruction and IT equipment recycling needs. This includes secure hard drive shredding and certified data erasure services. If you have any questions about how we permanently wipe your personal information from an old hard drive or any other computer media devices, contact us. Book a free computer or hard drive recycling collection now.



    Your Easy Guide to Disposing of Old Hard Drives

    If you have hard drives which need to be destroyed, it’s a good idea to understand the process involved and why it’s so important. Whether you’re looking for an article on how to remove the hard drive from a computer before it’s collected or you’re wondering whether taking a hammer to your old computer is enough, we have all the answers for you.

    For the best information about what to do if you want to make sure your information is securely wiped from your hard drive or you need us to destroy used hard drives completely, read on in this article or get in touch with our team.

    Can I Throw Away a Hard Drive?

    If you’re weighing up whether to throw away or destroy a used hard drive, we would highly recommend you consider the risks involved.

    ICO Fines for Companies

    The ICO is the Information Commissioner’s Office, acting as the independent regulator for upholding information rights for the public, covering everything from the data protection act to freedom of information laws. If companies don’t handle old data correctly, including sensitive or personal information stored on the hard disk or hard drive of used computer equipment, they could land themselves in hot water. This includes receiving massive fines issued by the ICO if you’re found to be in breach of official regulations. Hard drives may carry a lot of information about anything from your IT history to staff details, so needs handling properly.

    Certified Data Erasure

    To ensure you manage hard drive data securely, you must get erasure services from a professional company who’s authorised to destroy the hard drive and provide this type of service. At Gigacycle, we’re ICO-registered, ADISA accredited and offer a certified data erasure service across the UK. This includes specialist NCSC certified erasure for magnetic hard drives. We erase your hard drive to ensure its permanently wiped – not a single trace of it will be left on the equipment. We can also shred magnetic hard disk platters if required.

    What Kills a Computer Hard Drive?

    Wondering how to destroy a hard drive? It may sound like something that’s completed through the click of a button, but it’s actually a much more sophisticated process than this. Without it, even a trace of data left on the hard drive could be restored, causing significant issues should confidential information fall into the wrong hands.

    If you’ve looked at DIY hard drive destruction techniques online (especially if you’re trying to destroy a hard drive at home), you’ve probably come across a variety of different methods. Many people feel overwhelmed when they look at just one of the steps (let alone the whole process), from how to remove the hard drive from an old windows computer to the different methods of destruction you can use at home. You’ll often see an article saying the best way to destroy the hard drive is to take a hammer to it.

    However, if you’re looking for an easy way to remove and destroy a hard drive, call our data destruction tech company to collect it. We use more advanced techniques than using a hammer in a toolbox, ensuring we wipe the hard drive files and can return your computer back to you if needed.

    How Do You Destroy Old Hard Drives?

    We perform in-depth data shredding as part of our hard drive recycling solutions. Whether it’s a confidential hard drive or hard disk, or another information-carrying device you get, such as a CD or DVD, we can use a specialist CPNI approved shredder to completely obliterate the equipment. We’ll then provide you with certificated proof of every hard drive or data-bearing device we destroy.

    When we destroy your old hard drives, we need to select the correct shredding width to enable a successful destruction of the device. This includes 20mm, 6mm and 2-6mm CPNI approved shredding techniques, using interchangeable screens to complete the process with ease. This ensures the best standards are achievable, offering a higher quality hard drive data destruction service than many other companies provide.

    How to Remove a Hard Drive

    If you’ve found an article on how to remove hard drives from computers, be sure to know what you’re doing. You may be at risk of a static shock, and the last thing you want is to damage your computer (or hurt youself) in the process. If you need us to collect an IT article and remove the hard drive for you, just let us know. We can also upgrade the equipment after wiping the hard drive and return it back to your home or business to reinstall.

    What If I Want to Keep the Hard Drive?

    If you want to keep your hard drive, you can opt for us to erase the data held on the hard disk platters rather than shred the computer equipment.

    Data Erasure vs Shredding

    Data erasure is our most highly recommended form of data destruction, taking your used hard drives or hard disk platters and completely wiping them. This process isn’t easy, requiring specialist equipment. Every single block must be fully overwritten bit by bit with unusable information.

    This advanced technology will also check and verify the hard drive overwriting sequences have been 100% successful so that no previous data can be restored. Once completed, a unique destruction certification is generated to confirm the completion of the process.

    If the process fails to erase even one tiny part of the hard drive, the system will detect this issue. In these cases, we’ll need to destroy the hard drive through data shredding. This is ones of the easy ways to know you have done everything with your power to wipe the device of all data files and make sure they can’t be recovered.

    What Computer Equipment Can You Destroy?

    When it comes to data shredding, we can destroy a wide range of items. This includes:

    · Hard drives (including PC hard drives, laptop hard drives and more)

    · Tapes

    · DVDs

    · CDs

    · Mobile phones

    · USB sticks

    · Floppy disk device

    · All magnetic media (DAT tapes etc.)

    · Hard drive disk platters

    · Back up disk devices

    · Much more!

    Why Should I Choose Your Computer Recycling Company?

    Are you looking for a data destruction company in your local area to assist you in managing old IT assets and hard drive disk equipment? Based in Manchester, we travel across the country, offering industry-leading solutions, including free collections.

    Secure Data Destruction

    As well as recycling old computer equipment, data destruction is one of the core solutions you could need, with our staff having received specialist training in this field. We strive to offer the best hard drive erasure service in the UK, going above international standards to ensure the permanent destruction of all data held on old hard drives. All our methods are those approved by Government-led organisations, ensuring we uphold the strictest levels of information compliance.

    Verified Data Erasure

    If our technology securely destroys all data stored from your hard drive, it will verify this and produce a unique certificate per device. This includes the computer equipment or hard drive serial number so that you can keep it for your records. All equipment and computers we collect will be itemised, following a well-organised process and audit trail.

    Custom Data Destruction Solutions

    We can provide you with bulk destruction certificates and destroy hard drives and other devices on or off-site. This is thanks to our mobile hard drive shredder, which can be transported securely on one of our tracked vehicles. If you need us to arrange for you to witness the data shredding service in person, just let us know.

    Our Accreditations & Registrations

    As well as offering environmentally friendly hard drive recycling in compliance with Environment Agency standards, any Gigacycle data destruction service you choose falls in line with WEEE Directive regulations.

    · ICO – We’re registered with the ICO, the body who regulate how confidential and personal information is managed.

    · ADISA –We’re accredited by ADISA who looks at the best practices for data security and IT asset recovery.

    · ISO –We have several certifications with the ISO, including those for managing business quality standards, environmentally friendly practices and information security.

    · NCSC –We use National Cyber Security Centre certified processes to wipe magnetic hard drives.

    · CPNI –We use shredders approved by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

    Full Audit Trails

    One of the other benefits of using our company for hard drive recycling is our full audit trails. We’re able to tag, barcode and track each item or computers we remove from your premises, logged in our system to monitor its progress. Each client views the audit trail through a unique web portal. You can even view any destruction certificates we add to the system for you. Blancco provides us with 100% certified, tamper-proof audit reports for any certified data erasure solutions you may have hired us for, using privacy software backed by ADISA and the NCSC.

    Tracked Vehicles

    When we pick up hard drives or the article in question, we’ll do so in one of our logistics vehicles. We’ve invested in our own fleet to make sure we can collect and transport IT assets as securely as possible. We’ve taken the time to implement a robust system, from CCTV cameras and GPS tracking to ensuring the cockpits and goods areas are monitored. All our free collections are point to point, which means no stopping until we’re back at our secure facility.

    All our in-house drivers performing our free and premium hard drive collections are highly trained to make sure they understand what they’re able to do in every situation they may face. This includes visits to both a domestic home or commercial premises.

    Highly Experienced & Vetted Staff

    We make sure that all our employees, from those providing free collections to those who erase your devices are strictly vetted before starting at our company. This includes info on their previous workplaces and references, DBS checks and full documentation checks. Our customers often comment on how professional our staff look in their uniforms, carrying ID badges, even for a free collection at a client’s home.

    Your security and privacy is our service, with every member of our team highly trained to perform one or multiple services at our business. They even get biometric fingerprint access to enter our facility.

    Security Facility

    One of the factors which gets us many great comments from clients is our top security facility. This is where your old computer, hard drive or magnetic disk will be taken, still using our tracked vehicles. It spans over 28,000 square feet with a wide range of impressive security measure in place, which we hope may put your mind at ease. This includes 24/7 security monitoring and patrols, fingerprint access, highly robust security fences, metal detector searches and more. We don’t allow public access to our premises.

    Eco-Friendly Computer Recycling

    We believe in offering green computer recycling for every asset we may remove from your business during our free collections. This includes full recycling processes, and we can reuse the equipment if necessary, after wiping it of any personal information or data stored.

    We can upgrade, sell or even reinstalled equipment we remove from your building, so just let us know which solutions you’d still like our help with. This includes reinstalling the equipment back at your company once we erase it.

    If the equipment is unusable, our engineers may decide the only option is to break it back down into its raw components to recycle each material separately. While this takes time, it’s worth it to make our 0% to landfill aim a reality.

    We’re registered Environment Agency waste carriers, so you may need to use our experts to transport WEEE equipment (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

    Free Hard Drive Collections

    One of the main advantages when you use Gigacycle’s hard drive recycling services is our free collections, which still doesn’t affect our premium solutions offered. Next time you need to get a free waste collection service, book Gigacycle.

    Book Your Next Free Computer Collection or Hard Drive Destruction Service

    If you need to book your next free collection or arrange a hard drive destruction services at a time to suit you, get in touch. From recycling hard drives to bringing back wiped devices to reinstall at your business, we take the time to deliver the highest quality services. Use our website to find lots more information, including our cookie policy and terms of use.