Computer Recycling London

Computer Recycling London

London has been the centre of UK trade for hundreds of years. So much information concentrated in one place is generated by a dense population of companies and organisations who process huge volumes of data every day. But where does their data land when it’s no longer required? Gigacycle is the tier 1 computer recycling provider for London. Gigacycle conducts free computer recycling collections and also provides certificated data erasure as part of the free computer recycling service. Parking officers are no match for us! Where other recycling companies struggle to meet awkward building access requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate your computer recycling needs.


Companies based in London can take advantage of our free London computer recycling and computer disposal London service by following the link below to book a collection. Once we receive your computer recycling request we will contact you with a provisional date. Our computer recycling London fleet is currently taking bookings between 1 and 2 weeks in advance so we will be able to accommodate most requests. If you require an urgent computer recycling collection, please call our Computer Recycling London office on 01214690026.


The process of computer recycling involves a service which is watertight from start to finish. The entire process – from taking the initial collection details to providing you with erasure certificates is accredited by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) and complies with the ISO 27001 standard for information security – this means that no data leaves our possession throughout the recycling process and forensic tests can prove that all data has been destroyed before any equipment is recycled.


Gigacycle are specialists in computer recycling. We work with unwanted computer equipment; offering PC recycling, recycling of IT equipment, laptop recycling and other electrical equipment with free collections for computer recycling London.

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