Free, secure collections for IT recycling and Secure and Certified data erasure for individuals, businesses and large-scale projects.
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We are one of the highest accredited IT Asset Disposal and data destruction providers in the UK

We offer a full cradle to grave service from IT Installation / IT Decommissioning  to Data Shredding Services

I.T Asset Disposal

Free and secure IT Disposal & Data Erasure, full audit trail and 100% recycled. No landfill. No incineration.

Secure Logistics, Security Cleared Employees, Online Portal Account, and cashback potential on equipment! ALL FOR FREE!

Data Erasure

Our Certified data erasure guarantees data is destroyed securely

We are audited by ADISA who forensically check our data erasure methods on UNANNOUNCED audits!.

I.T Asset Management

Our clients come to us because they know that we can take care of the entire IT Asset management process.

Our Services include IT installation services , IT Deployment , Software Deployment services, IT Decommission Services, Data Centre Migrations, IT Disposal , Data Destruction Services and Data Shredding on site and offsite!

Data Shredding

We can shred any data bearing media onsite and offsite down to 6mm particles!

We offer harddrive shredding , backup tape shredding, data shredding services

What makes the difference?

We are the industry leading ITAD Provider

The Security of your Data is the bedrock of our service.

Take No Risks….

Features Other ITADs GIGACYCLE
Free Collections
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Licensed Waste Carrier
Certified & Secure Data Destruction
Own Fleet of Secure CCTV GPS Tracked Logistics
ADISA - Distinction level Certification
Staff Security Vetted to BS7858 Standards (SC Cleared)
NO Third Parties / Contractors

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide full transparency to you at every stage of the retirement process. Each stage is compliant with several ISO standards, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) standards and the ADISA standard for the overall process and methods.


Your Assets are securely collected using our own satellite tracked vehicles and security vetted staff


We will itemise any asset tag every item, this is visible immediately in our online collection portal


We will securely wipe all data and remove any identifying markings on all assets


We will refurbish and repair the IT equipment


Your assets are re marketed using our specialist sales channels to obtain the highest value, You will then receive the Revenue back for the Equipment!

Gigacycle IT Asset Disposal Computer Recycling Computer Disposal Data Erasure Data Destruction WEEE Disposal

Online Customer Portal

Book, View and modify collections, View Collection History, Data Destruction Certificates, Waste Transfer Notes and Manifests all available online in your portal.

Real-time Access, Anytime, Anywhere

View the status of your assets as they are being processed live in real-time with access to the portal from any smart device or web browser.

Data Destruction Certificates

Data Destruction Certificates can be downloaded and are always available on the portal, individually matched to each asset by serial number for your convenience.

Secure Asset Management Portal

You'll receive access for yourself or your clients to our secure portal where current or past collections can be viewed and certificates downloaded.

Every Asset is tracked

Every asset we collect is audited into the system for you to view in real time. We itemise all assets by make, model, serial number, asset tags and weight for you to view online.

Featured Clients

Computer Recycling Manchester

If you want to arrange a computer recycling Manchester service near you, get in touch with the Gigacycle experts. As WEEE computer recycling specialists, we can help you remain compliant with data protection terms and Environment Agency standards when you use a computer disposal service. Book a free computer recycling collection online at your home or business address. This is recycling computer equipment made easy. Please contact us now for data erasure solutions and more.



    What Is Computer Recycling?

    If we look at what happens with a general waste recycling collection, it refers to the journey items go through to convert waste materials into something new. Therefore, free computer recycling considers this process for e-waste and electronics assets, such as old computers and laptops. 

    The Manchester computer recycling service you use can recycle unwanted IT assets and computer equipment in a variety of ways, including refurbishing them, remarking them, upgrading them or even breaking down the computer parts to recycle as individual materials.

    Contact our team now to find out more about free computer recycling service options (or read our website), from secure PC recycling to destruction data shredding.

    What Happens to Data During Computer Recycling Services?

    Computers store a lot of information and data, often held on a hard drive. Even if you think you’ve wiped your computer before recycling, there’s a chance the data can be restored or private information can still be accessed on the equipment. Even if you want to book a free computer recycling collection, always think about how to keep data safe and protect the privacy of your staff, customers and company. 

    Check whether the computer recycling company you use offers secure data destruction via certified techniques. As a business, you may be breaching GDPR, data protection, information security and privacy policy laws if you don’t ensure the proper management of old IT assets during a computer disposal. When you contact us for a free computer recycling collection service, we can let you know more about how to recycle computer equipment AND remain compliant.

    What Is The WEEE Directive?

    The WEEE Directive is a key part of the computer recycling industry. It stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, setting out regulations to help reduce how much electronic and computer waste is sent to landfill or incinerated rather than be recycled. 

    Organisations can aim for this standard and put various measures in place to achieve excellent WEEE compliance, including the use and implementation of a computer recycling policy. This should outline plans for the recovery, reuse, refurbishment and free recycling of any redundant IT assets and computer equipment at your company. 

    You can also think about data protection compliance and how this will fit into any computer recycling policy or website privacy policy you implement. Speak to Gigacycle now for free computer recycling and information security advice.

    Do You Provide Secure Data Destruction?

    Yes. As part of our computer recycling Manchester services, we provide certified data destruction and shredding solutions at our secure local facility site. Our experts will permanently override any data left on computer equipment or hardware, such as your hard drive. This process is called data erasure and involves replacing confidential information left on your computer with unusable data. Every single block of information will be replaced. 

    All our data destruction and shredding services are fully audited, so you’ll receive a unique certification for every asset or piece of IT equipment erased and recycled at our site. Keep these for your records, which you may like to include as part of any privacy policy updates at your company. Contact us if you’d like more information about this service or book a collection now.

    What Happens If the Data Destruction Fails?

    We have a highly sophisticated and certified system which completes the data destruction procedure for us. Even if a tiny part of the process fails, we’ll get an alert, and we can perform the data destruction again or move onto data shredding. A shredding service breaks down the hard drive equipment or data-bearing media (e.g. data tapes, CDs etc.) into tiny pieces so that they can never be recovered. We even own mobile data shredding equipment, so can bring them to your businesses premises if required, and you can stay present for the data destruction. 

    Are You an Accredited Computer Recycling Service?

    Yes. At Gigacycle, we’re one of the most highly accredited computer recycling Manchester companies you’ll find. We’ve worked closely with the NHS, FTSE 100 companies and organisations in the education sector, thanks to our secure destruction data and computer recycling solutions. We have several ISO certifications, a WEEE waste carrier licence for Manchester and UK locations, and we’re accredited by ADISA – the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance service. You can find out more about our accreditations on our secure co uk computer recycling and disposal website.

    What Happens to My Computer Waste?

    When you book a free computer recycling Manchester collection or service with Gigacycle, you may be wondering what happens next. Well, while we do provide some off site services at your organisation premises if you need totally secure solutions, our Manchester computer recycling centre is one of the best. Here, the majority of our Gigacycle computer recycling services take place, whether its certified data destruction, hard drive shredding, refurbishments or the recycling of individual computer parts. 

    We operate a 0% to landfill policy, aiming to meet this standard in full wherever possible. In our computer recycling Manchester processing centre, we can usually reuse or recycle every part of IT related equipment, from laptops and hard drive devices to cables, monitors and keyboards. Our skilled computer recycling technicians can refurbish items and reinstall them at your organisation or even deconstruct equipment into its raw materials. We can then recycle these components for free, and they will go on to create new products. 

    What Can You Collect and Recycle in Manchester?

    We recycle a wide selection of IT equipment, whether you want a free collection in Greater Manchester and Central Manchester, on site data shredding or computer refurbishments. When looking at computer waste for disposal at your business, you can arrange a free of charge collection, as well as some of the following computer recycling services:

    -      Free computer recycling collection service in Manchester, Greater Manchester and other UK locations

    -      All electronic waste recycling (WEEE compliant recycling)

    -      Eco-friendly computer equipment recycling

    -      Laptop recycling

    -      PC recycling

    -      Hard drive recycling (including hard drive data shredding)

    -      CD recycling and shredding

    -      DVD recycling and shredding

    -      Data tape recycling and shredding

    -      Recycling computer components

    -      Server recycling

    -      Monitor recycling

    -      Printer recycling

    -      Mobile phone recycling

    -      Game console recycling

    -      SMART Board recycling

    -      ePOS systems recycling

    -      Circuit board recycling 

    -      Much more!

    Please note, we never use third party vehicles, including for our free collection service.

    Book a Free Collection with Gigacycle Computer Waste Recycling Service

    If you’re looking for recycling Manchester services, including coverage across Greater Manchester, contact us. Benefits when you use our service include:

    -      Fully vetted computer disposal staff (we never use third party services)

    -      Manchester based computer and laptop recycling facility (with impressive security measures in place)

    -      GPS tracking and CCTV fitted in all vehicles

    -      Destruction data expertise (including data shredding)

    -      GDPR assistance (including GDPR compliance checks)

    -      Free computer recycling waste collection service

    Please check out all the terms across our co uk website now, including our cookies policy.

    Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our solutions, including arranging a free computer recycling service near you. You can book computer and laptop recycling online through our site now.