Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

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Argos catalogue reveals unannounced DJI Mavic drone

Details of an unannounced new drone from market leader DJI have been revealed early in the Argos catalogue.

The latest edition of the catalogue store’s literature features photos and technical specifications of the as yet unannounced Mavic 2 Pro drone.

DJI had postponed a press event planned for 18 July, where it was expected to announce its new devices.

It said in a statement that the catalogue had been printed before the event had been delayed.

The BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones tested the original Mavic Pro with film-maker Philip Bloom in 2016.

It proved popular with film-makers because it could be folded down to a compact size.

The listing in the Argos catalogue reveals that the Mavic 2 Pro is capable of streaming live HD video, and has “omni-directional obstacle sensing” to prevent collisions.

It also details a “zoom” version, which is equipped with an optical zoom lens.

However, it does not reveal how much the drones will cost and says customers should visit the Argos website for more information.

Argos usually produces a new catalogue every six months.

A spokesman for DJI said: “This pre-printed catalogue was scheduled before we postponed our ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event.”

The company said the event had been delayed to “ensure we can deliver high-quality, cutting-edge technology to our customers”.

It suggested the catalogue offered only a “hint” of the new drone’s features. However, it did not say when they would be officially announced.

In a statement, Argos said: “Unfortunately we were informed of the delay in the launch of the DJI Mavic 2 after our new catalogues were printed.”

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