Consumer data: Statement in response to Which? report

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Consumer data: Statement in response to Which? report

Statement from Steve Wood, Deputy Commissioner (Policy) at the ICO, in response to the launch of a report by Which? called Control, Alt or Delete? The future of consumer data:

“This research is a timely and valuable contribution to the debate on data protection, privacy and the digital economy.

“We completely agree that consumers need more help realising the value and importance of their personal data. That’s why, to coincide with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have launched a public awareness campaign called ‘Your Data Matters’.

“As consumers, sharing data safely and efficiently can make our lives easier, but that digital trail is valuable so it’s important that it stays safe and is only used in ways that we would expect and can control.

“In many ways it feels like we are at a data ethics tipping point in respect of the public’s trust in the way that their personal data is collected and used. This reinforces the need for fairness, transparency and accountability.

“Our new Technology Strategy identifies three priorities: artificial intelligence, cyber security and cross device tracking. These priorities will drive the ICO’s policy, research, education and enforcement work over the next two years.”

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