Cybersecurity Reconsidered: A New Look at Exfiltration

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Cybersecurity Reconsidered: A New Look at Exfiltration

Risk Management

Security Leader Chris Pierson on Shifting Focus from Infiltration

Today’s cybersecurity industry is far too focused on keeping bad guys out, says Chris Pierson of Viewpost. Organizations need to pay more attention to keeping data inside the enterprise. He discusses how to make the shift to focus on exfiltration.

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In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Washington Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, Pierson, chief security officer and general counsel at Viewpost, a payments and invoicing provider, discusses:

  • The over-emphasis on infiltration;
  • Why data exfiltration deserves more attention;
  • The techniques and tools needed to support this strategic shift.

Pierson, a strategic business and technology leader, recognized cybersecurity expert and creator of new technology, has 20 years of experience building companies and cybersecurity programs – specializing in operations; design and architecture; data breach response; security ops; financial crime/fraud ops; and intelligence/national security. He has served in general counsel and compliance capacities working closely with boards on corporate matters and strategic business opportunities. Pierson also serves on the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy & Integrity Advisory Committee and Cybersecurity Subcommittee.

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