Fighting Ransomware: Is More Tech the Answer?

Fighting Ransomware: Is More Tech the Answer?


Symantec’s Robert Arandjelovic on Effective Strategies

Robert Arandjelovic, EMEA director of product marketing, Symantec

For many organizations, fighting the growing threat of ransomware doesn’t necessarily have to mean investing in new technologies, says Robert Arandjelovis of Symantec. Taking care of basics, such as patch management and user education, can have a big impact, he stresses.

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“A lot of the time, you don’t need that next-gen security solution to fix the ransomware problem if you’re doing those basic things correctly,” he says.

In a video interview at the recent Infosecurity Europe conference in London, Arandjelovic also discusses:

  • Preparing for GDPR compliance with a focus on risk management;
  • Tracking emerging threats;
  • Addressing the “shadow data” challenge.

Arandjelovic, EMEA director of product marketing at Symantec, has over 17 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Symantec, he worked at Siemens, Eicon Networks and Intel.

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