Fortnite player first to reach elusive game island

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Fortnite player first to reach elusive game island

A Fortnite player in Croatia has completed one of the game’s hardest achievements – getting back to its starting point.

YouTuber OrangeGuy posted a video showing how he managed to reach “spawn island” where players gather before each round of the survival game starts.

He reached the island using a massive bridge and one of the shopping trolleys recently introduced to the game.

Landing on the island has been a long-cherished goal among Fortnite players.

Game physics

Each round of the hugely popular Fortnite game involves 100 players who battle to see who can be the last player standing. During the game, players grab guns and materials, such as wood and bricks, they can then use to build structures. Clever use of these structures can give players an advantage during firefights.

As each group of players is amassed, they are placed on a neutral territory called “spawn island” where they can fool around before virtual combat begins.

Once the game starts the island is visible from the main playing area but, until now, no-one has managed to get back to it once the bullets start flying.

OrangeGuy, with the help of two friends, managed the feat by first building a massive, high bridge that stretched across most of the gap between the two areas. The bridge ended with a ramp that he and his two team-mates rode down on a shopping trolley.

The virtual vehicles were added to the game in a recent update and many people have used them to stage crazy stunts by exploiting the loose physics of the Fortnite game world.

In this case, riding the trolley seemed to get over the invisible wall that thwarted other attempts to reach the island. At the end of the ramp the trolley stayed airborne and slowly floated towards the starting point.

In comments on the video, Orange Guy said the team had to be “lucky” to make it.

Since OrangeGuy discovered the “glitch” many other players have copied the method and managed to return to the same place.

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