Government calls for views on GDPR UK derogations

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Government calls for views on GDPR UK derogations



The Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) yesterday, 12 April, issued its “Call for views” on the General Data Protection Regulation derogations. The DCMS says that ‘the UK pressed hard throughout negotiations to ensure that the GDPR does not place unnecessary burdens on business’ and that ‘this consultation approach is an opportunity to inform our derogations policy and is complemented by discussions we are already having with a range stakeholders.’

The DCMS lists 14 areas where derogations are possible:

1. Supervisory Authority
2. Sanctions
3. Demonstrating Compliance
4. Data Protection Officers
5. Archiving and Research
6. Third Country Transfers
7. Sensitive personal data and exceptions
8. Criminal Convictions
9. Rights and Remedies
10. Processing of Children’s Personal Data by Online Services
11. Freedom of Expression in the Media
12. Processing of Data
13. Restrictions
14. Rules surrounding Churches and Religious Associations.

Disappointingly, the document does not reveal the government’s thinking on any of these issues but simply lists the topics and the corresponding articles in the GDPR.  The DCMS is also seeking views on the cost impact on business.

The consultation closes at midnight on 9 May. See

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