ICO consults on its proposed Freedom of Information strategy

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ICO consults on its proposed Freedom of Information strategy


The ICO continues to promote the reform of access to information legislation so it remains fit for purpose. Later this month, the ICO will publish a report to Parliament in order to make recommendations for change in relation to outsourced public services.

“We will comprehensively review the operation of the both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) from our perspective as a regulator and seek the views of our stakeholders and civil society organisations to make further recommendations for changes to legislation that will improve access to information rights,” the ICO says.

Its public consultation recognises that information rights legislation faces many challenges. “While the first thirteen years of freedom of information legislation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has brought about a new culture of openness in many public authorities, this is not yet consistent across the public sector. There are opportunities to develop new practices to reinforce more proactive transparency in a digital age. The way we access and use information is continuing to change rapidly, freedom of information must keep pace if is to continue to be effective.”

The consultation closes on 8 March.

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