Improving Security in the Manufacturing Sector

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Improving Security in the Manufacturing Sector

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RaviKiran Avvaru of Toyota Kirloskar on the Need for Collaboration Between IT and OT

RaviKiran Avvaru, head of IT at Toyota Kirloskar

To better address security issues, companies in the manufacturing industry need to ensure proper communications between their operational technology and information technology specialists, says RaviKiran Avvaru, head of IT at Toyota Kirloskar.

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“There is often a lot of focus on IT as end users are connected through it, but [the industry] often doesn’t see the need of connecting IT and OT together,” Avvaru says.

In this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s the recent Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit in Mumbai, Avvaru discusses:

  • Why IT and OT networks need to be separated;
  • How IT can get involved with OT;
  • How OT security practices can be aligned with information security strategies.

Avvaru heads the information security and compliance practice for Toyota Kirloskar Motors Ltd. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT in various sectors, including business and financial services, manufacturing liquid natural gas, and electrical and power automation.

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