Gigacycle Passes Second ADISA Audit

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Gigacycle Passes Second ADISA Audit

We’ve just passed another unannounced audit by ADISA – The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance!



I.T recycling companies that aren’t accredited by ADISA cannot provide the same level of information security assurance as we do, so in using us as your disposal partner you will be making the right decision.



Lisa Mellings of ADISA says “Gigacycle have been members of ADISA for just over a year and have been audited three times in this period, two of which have been unannounced audits. These audits are completely and utterly unannounced with the member having no prior warning to the ADISA auditor turning up. The spot-check comprises of an operational check of procedures and a random selection of 10 assets which are all forensically checked for data. Only when all these stringent checks are passed does the member receive notification that they have maintained their certification. Gigacycle are certified at Distinction which goes to highlight the huge commitment they make to ensure they adhere to the very best practice possible and can offer complete peace of mind to the end user.



To give you a glimpse into the importance of the audit, ADISA is the only authoring body in the UK that has a strict criteria which is specific to collecting and erasing I.T equipment. It is the only regulated standard that is formally recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre and the Ministry of Defence. For existing customers, our ADISA accreditation is the reason why a lot of you have continued to conduct business with us. Our GPS tracking information, CCTV footage, data-handling processes and written agreements with clients were all audited during the spot check. Our erased hard drives also went through advanced forensic testing to detect any traces of data and none was found.



Passing the audit means that we can continue to provide the safest possible recycling and erasure service to you at no cost.



If you continue to use us in the future, you will also be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which is replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 and is enforceable by the ICO from May 2018. We deeply thank you for your custom and we hope that you will be in touch for your next I.T disposal and erasure requirement.



Thanks to all who have supported us by either helping us on the back-end or in choosing us to recycle and erase your I.T assets!

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