Kaspersky Lab’s New Focus on Fraud Prevention

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Kaspersky Lab’s New Focus on Fraud Prevention

Emma Mohan-Satta of Kaspersky Lab on the New, Priority Threats and Solutions

As the global threat landscape shifts, so does Kaspersky Lab. Moving from its traditional cybersecurity focus, Kaspersky now is honing in on fraud prevention. Emma Mohan-Satta describes this shift and what it means for security and anti-fraud leaders.

Whereas Kaspersky traditionally has been known for its cutting-edge research on threat trends and malware evolution, now the focus is expanding to encompass the new types and vectors of fraud impacting enterprises, says Mohan-Satta, a Fraud Prevention Consultant.

In a video interview recorded at Infosecurity Europe in London, Mohan-Satta discusses:

  • Kaspersky’s new focus on fraud prevention;
  • The most prevalent fraud types and vectors;
  • New insights and solutions from Kaspersky Lab.

As Fraud Prevention Consultant for Kaspersky Lab, Emma Mohan-Satta provides insight and experience for the growing Kaspersky Fraud Prevention product line in Europe. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention protects online and mobile banking from emergent threats using a combination of Machine Learning and latest fraud expertise.

She has been working in fraud prevention for the past decade since graduating from University of Warwick, with the majority of that time spent in financial services. Immediately prior to joining Kaspersky Lab she worked at American Express and its subsidiaries developing an extensive background in various fraud prevention domains.

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