MEPs call for more guidance on GDPR

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MEPs call for more guidance on GDPR


Speaking at the CPDP conference in Brussels today, Axel Voss, MEP and member of the European Parliament’s LIBE committee said that there is an urgent need for more interpretations on the GDPR. He said that the DPAs should clarify concepts very quickly so that the Regulation will come to life. “We also need to think about protecting privacy, not just data protection. Is this possible as a legal definition?” He said that the EU Commission has not fully achieved its goal of harmonisation but also businesses are under a lot of pressure. We should aim for a more balanced position in the implementation period, he said “We need to protect fundamental rights but if only looking at that, it will not be a balanced situation.”

“The EU comes up with good intentions but sometimes ends up in overprotecting people, and over regulating – Do we really need an additional e privacy regulation as similar aspects are already in the GDPR?”

Michel Boni, MEP, also said that we need a balance between fundamental rights and business interests. In some member states there are many problems with GDPR implementation, he said. Not all stakeholders are involved and there is not always clarity over who is responsible for the package.

Stewart Dresner is moderating today a session on ‘Populist politics and the prospects for privacy’.

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