More EU Member States moving toward GDPR implementation

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More EU Member States moving toward GDPR implementation


France’s data protection law was adopted on 20 June and published on 21 June.

In Spain due to a change of government the new DP Law is still on hold. In the first week of August, the Government approved an urgent regulation appointing Spain’s national DPA as its representative in the European Data Protection Board. It also provides a transitory regime for enforcement proceedings currently underway and data processing agreements currently in force.

In Romania, the legislative proposal for implementing the GDPR (Pl-x no. 167/03.04.2018) was adopted on 27 June and entered into force on 31 July 2018.

On 17 July, Hungary’s Parliament adopted a national law supplementing the GDPR. It has now been published and will enter into force after one month.

What are the European Commission’s sanctions against Member States which move too slowly towards GDPR implementation? PL&B understands that the Commission has taken the first step to send warning letters to the relevant governments to alert them of possible future action. Ultimately, the Commission may refer Member States to the Court of Justice of the EU, requesting that financial penalties be applied.

More details are in the August edition of Privacy Laws & Business International Report

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