Putting Vulnerability Management in Context

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Putting Vulnerability Management in Context

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Skybox Security’s Kevin Flynn on Why Criticality is Not the Only Metric

When it comes to vulnerability management, many organizations opt to protect only their most critical security gaps – but, meanwhile, the criminals exploit the secondary vulnerabilities. Kevin Flynn of Skybox Security explains why context is everything in managing vulnerabilities.

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In an interview conducted at ISMG’s San Francisco Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, Flynn discusses:

  • Where many enterprise go astray in vulnerability management;
  • The importance of context when assessing risks;
  • How Skybox Security helps customers get a better handle on myriad vulnerabilities.

Flynn is currently Director of Products at Skybox. Prior to joining Skybox Security in August 2016, Flynn was Director of Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems. With over 25 years of experience in high tech, he has been involved in cyber security technologies for over 15 of those years. His high tech experience started at Apple Computer where he was a product manager in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group. Flynn then spent over a dozen years at Cisco as a product manager and marketing manager in their security technology organization. After leaving Cisco, he moved over to Fortinet for three years before joining Blue Coat in 2013. Flynn is a frequent speaker on cyber security topics at conferences worldwide and has authored numerous articles on cyber security issues.

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