Recycling IT Equipment

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Recycling IT Equipment

An increasing number of things can be recycled these days, and though we all know that we really ought to recycle wherever possible there are still plenty of people who don’t do it.


Let’s look at the reasons why some people don’t recycle – and why they really ought to.


Many offices don’t recycle their IT equipment because they either don’t think about it (no excuse), can’t be bothered (even less of an excuse) or think it’s just too difficult. There are also some safety concerns about recycling computers and related equipment. Lots of people are unsure how to dispose of laptops and hazardous laptop batteries. Many used computers have been known to give up the passwords and innermost secrets to experienced fingers – even after the original user hit the “delete” button and thought that everything had disappeared forever.Some people genuinely believe that recycling makes no difference at all . . . those are the people in need of a little education.


Why IT Recycling (And All Recycling) Is Important

Recycling is vitally important and every little bit really does help. For one thing it helps to save energy – everything which is recycled means that a new product (or part of product) will not need to be made again reducing energy consumption and production costs. There is also the growing problem of landfill sites – without recycling efforts the whole world will eventually become one huge landfill site. Land fill sites are very much “out of sight, out of mind” – but nobody would actually like to live next to one.


Recycling really can help to preserve resources, reduce climate problems and help us to preserve the environment. The majority of things these days can be recycled so whether it’s at home or at work – recycle as much as possible. You know it makes sense.


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