Security in a Hybrid Environment

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Security in a Hybrid Environment

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Centrify’s Tony Goulding on How to Manage and Secure All the Moving Parts

Security in a Hybrid Environment
Tony Goulding, technical marketing director, Centrify

Securing a hybrid environment comes with inherent complexities – but there also are some misconceptions about security, says Tony Goulding of Centrify. He dispels the myths and sheds light on the new realities.

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Goulding discusses how to ensure security on premises and in the cloud in this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Toronto Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit.

In this interview, Goulding discusses:

  • The complexities of security in a hybrid environment;
  • What’s needed besides a password vault;
  • The concept “just enough privilege, just in time.”

Goulding is technical marketing director at Centrify. He has over 30 years of experience in security, software and customer relationship building.

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