The Need for Security Orchestration

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The Need for Security Orchestration

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Trend Micro’s Craig Gibson on How Best to Leverage Top Security Resources

Craig Gibson, principal threat defense architect, Trend Micro

Craig Gibson of Trend Micro has spent more than a decade researching the topic of security orchestration. He offers tactical advice for how organizations can best deploy their human resources to best maximize security across the enterprise.

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Gibson describes the the value of security orchestration in this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s Toronto Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit.

In this interview, Gibson discusses:

  • The pitfalls of not orchestrating security;
  • Challenges posed by resource constraints;
  • His current research into emerging threats.

Gibson is principal threat defense architect at Trend Micro. With 18 years of project management, product development, architecture and investigations experience, he is currently dedicated to researching the evolution of the threat landscape – specifically trying to understand future impacts to the government, health, banking and telecom sectors. As a United Nations delegate to China, Gibson has previously spoken internationally on disruptive telecommunications, 9-1-1, public safety, payment cards, the security of voice services, call center authentication (cost reduction) and criminal code issues relating to fraud and unlawful interception of communications. Additionally, he has spoken on national infrastructure security topics to diplomats visiting Canada, as well as public safety, military officials and police executives.

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