Tweeters get cheeky after Twitter ups character limit

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Tweeters get cheeky after Twitter ups character limit

Twitter has announced it is trialling a new 280-character limit to allow users to “easily express themselves” – but the site’s users have been predictably snarky.

The fun started when Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey took to the social media platform on Tuesday to announce the change.

Journalist Caitlin Kelly was one of the first to edit his rambling tweet back down to the current 140-character limit.

Others made fun of the current practice of stringing together multiple tweets, which already allows users to express longer ideas.

Some pointed out that extending the character limit was not one of the changes Twitter users had been calling for.

Many seemed to struggle to fill their newly allocated character limits.

While others played with the present 140-character restriction.

Some people expressed concern about what US President Donald Trump, who is known for his candid tweets, might achieve with the new character limit.

Gifs and images summed up other users’ feelings.

Mr Dorsey seemed unperturbed by the criticism, which he tweeted “comes with the job”. He encouraged users to give the new character limit a chance.

At the moment, the 280-character limit is just a trial for some members, and the company has not said whether it will roll out the change more widely.

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