Uber using ‘aggressive’ tactics says Mayor

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Uber using ‘aggressive’ tactics says Mayor

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says Uber has bought “unfair pressure” on Transport for London (TfL), with an “army” of PR experts and lawyers.

The Mayor says Uber has made “aggressive” threats about taking TfL to court.

On Friday, TfL denied it a new licence to operate in London, citing concerns over public safety and security.

However, Uber says it has followed TfL rules and works closely with the Metropolitan Police.

Uber said in a series of tweets on Sunday that it would challenge the TfL decision “in the courts to defend the livelihoods of drivers and the consumer choice of millions of Londoners who use Uber”.

“Drivers who use Uber in London are licensed by TfL and have been through the same enhanced DBS [Disclosure and Barring Service] background checks as black cab drivers.

“We have always followed TfL rules on reporting serious incidents, with a dedicated team that works closely with the Metropolitan Police.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is also chairman of TfL, defended the organisation: “What you can’t do, is have a situation where unfair pressure is brought on a quasi-judicial body where there are officials working incredibly hard.

“I appreciate Uber has an army of PR experts, I appreciate Uber has an army of lawyers – they’ve also made aggressive threats about taking us to court.”

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