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UK IT Recycling

Computer disposal UK is a big industry. Computers are continuously being upgraded with the latest models that have better speed, more memory and are smaller designs. So what do you do with your old IT equipment? Recycle Your IT is a company set up to deal with this very problem and they take their job very seriously to ensure all their recycled parts are utilised in the best possible ways without causing any harm to the environment.


Disposal Process

When our customers contact us by either phone or email we have a process we follow for computer disposal UK that allows our team to easily collect your equipment then pass it on to our IT experts who will then decide the best course of action for each individual machine. This could involve recycling or re-using your old equipment but never dumping it or burning it. No matter which method we use we follow a 100% Eco-friendly policy that is well documented.


Any working parts of the recycled equipment get refurbished then distributed for further use all across the UK and sometimes they can be sent to developing nations. Whereas any of the equipment we cannot re-use will get broken down, right down to the raw material then recycled to specialist fields that have uses for this material.


Data Security

Not everyone wants or needs their data securely wiped when they pass on their computers for disposal but for those that do want any sensitive data wiped from there hard drive we can not only do this job for you but we can also provide you with certificates that verify it has been done and done securely, erasing any information and giving you full peace of mind.


We have two ways to securely destroy your data; one is by using specialist software that eradicates the data. This software is of the same standard used by our Department of Defense.


We also wipe off computer disks, tapes or any other form of storage media and again we will provide a certificate of destruction once this has been completed.


Why Recycle

Recycling is good for the environment and saves the future of our planet. Recycle Your IT are a company that values the environment and place a high value on ensuring all recycling is going to the right places once it has left our hands. We have Environment Agency paperwork that can track where all our computer disposal UK equipment ends up for our peace of mind as well as yours.


None of our computer disposal equipment will ever end up being burnt or buried. Our recycling processes are so safe and Eco-friendly because we value our planet and the environment we live in. We will happily answer any questions you may have on computer recycling in the UK that you may have.


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