Why Adding Technical Experts to Boards Is Urgent

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Why Adding Technical Experts to Boards Is Urgent


Former RSA Chair Art Coviello on Ensuring an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Art Coviello, venture partner, Rally Ventures

Given the current threat environment, it’s urgent that organizations add technical experts to their boards of directors to help ensure the development of effective cybersecurity strategies, says Art Coviello, retired chairman of RSA.

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“I find it amazing that we have all kinds of board oversight on things like financial risk, but we don’t have significant board oversight around cyber risk,” Coviello says.

In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Toronto Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit, where he participated in a panel on the Equifax breach, Coviello also discusses:

  • Why the growth of the Internet of Things is leading to increased DDoS attack risks;
  • How CISOs can improve communication with boards;
  • How the role of the CISO will continue to evolve.

Coviello has more than 30 years of strategic, operating and financial management experience in high-technology companies and is one of the most well-recognized figures within the cybersecurity industry. He joined RSA Security Inc. in 1995 and became CEO of the company in 2000. Following the acquisition of RSA by EMC in 2006, Coviello continued to lead the company as executive chairman and president until he retired from the full-time role in early 2015. He now serves as venture partner at Rally Ventures. Coviello has played a leading role in several national cybersecurity initiatives, including as a founding board member of the Cyber Security Industry Alliance, and has served as an adviser to key government agencies as well as public-private initiatives.

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