Free, secure collections for IT recycling and Secure and Certified data erasure for individuals, businesses and large-scale projects.
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We are one of the highest accredited IT Asset Disposal and data destruction providers in the UK

We offer a full cradle to grave service from IT Installation / IT Decommissioning  to Data Shredding Services

I.T Asset Disposal

Free and secure IT Disposal & Data Erasure, full audit trail and 100% recycled. No landfill. No incineration.

Secure Logistics, Security Cleared Employees, Online Portal Account, and cashback potential on equipment! ALL FOR FREE!

Data Erasure

Our Certified data erasure guarantees data is destroyed securely

We are audited by ADISA who forensically check our data erasure methods on UNANNOUNCED audits!.

I.T Asset Management

Our clients come to us because they know that we can take care of the entire IT Asset management process.

Our Services include IT installation services , IT Deployment , Software Deployment services, IT Decommission Services, Data Centre Migrations, IT Disposal , Data Destruction Services and Data Shredding on site and offsite!

Data Shredding

We can shred any data bearing media onsite and offsite down to 6mm particles!

We offer harddrive shredding , backup tape shredding, data shredding services

What makes the difference?

We are the industry leading ITAD Provider

The Security of your Data is the bedrock of our service.

Take No Risks….

Features Other ITADs GIGACYCLE
Free Collections
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Licensed Waste Carrier
Certified & Secure Data Destruction
Own Fleet of Secure CCTV GPS Tracked Logistics
ADISA - Distinction level Certification
Staff Security Vetted to BS7858 Standards (SC Cleared)
NO Third Parties / Contractors

The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide full transparency to you at every stage of the retirement process. Each stage is compliant with several ISO standards, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) standards and the ADISA standard for the overall process and methods.


Your Assets are securely collected using our own satellite tracked vehicles and security vetted staff


We will itemise any asset tag every item, this is visible immediately in our online collection portal


We will securely wipe all data and remove any identifying markings on all assets


We will refurbish and repair the IT equipment


Your assets are re marketed using our specialist sales channels to obtain the highest value, You will then receive the Revenue back for the Equipment!

Gigacycle IT Asset Disposal Computer Recycling Computer Disposal Data Erasure Data Destruction WEEE Disposal

Online Customer Portal

Book, View and modify collections, View Collection History, Data Destruction Certificates, Waste Transfer Notes and Manifests all available online in your portal.

Real-time Access, Anytime, Anywhere

View the status of your assets as they are being processed live in real-time with access to the portal from any smart device or web browser.

Data Destruction Certificates

Data Destruction Certificates can be downloaded and are always available on the portal, individually matched to each asset by serial number for your convenience.

Secure Asset Management Portal

You'll receive access for yourself or your clients to our secure portal where current or past collections can be viewed and certificates downloaded.

Every Asset is tracked

Every asset we collect is audited into the system for you to view in real time. We itemise all assets by make, model, serial number, asset tags and weight for you to view online.

Featured Clients

Secure Computer Disposal

If you need a trusted specialist offering safe and secure computer disposal solutions, contact us today. At our data destruction and recycling centre, all your assets will be managed securely by our leading waste electrical team. Recycling computer devices has never been easier. Contact us now for a free quote or book a computer recycling collection online.



    How Do I Securely Dispose of a Computer?

    Old computer devices such as laptops or hard drive parts can contain lots of confidential data and information. This means you need to think about the security of such assets when organising a disposal. Computer recycling is one of the most safe and secure computer disposal methods as long as data destruction is included in the process. However, you'll need to use a company that provides end-to-end recycling solutions for WEEE waste.

    How Do I Destroy a Hard Drive Before Recycling My Computer?

    If you're looking for ways to destroy a hard drive before recycling a computer, the most important part is the disk. Even if you break the hard drive or attempt to wipe it of personal information, someone with the right technical expertise may be able to recover the data. To make things easy for you, when you book computer recycling with Gigacycle, we can complete the data destruction as part of our process.

    What Is Hard Drive Destruction?

    Hard drive destruction can be selected if you no longer need the device or want it erased of confidential and sensitive data files before it's used again. If your hard drive requires a physical destruction, a data shredding service is often the most suitable option. This ensures the device can never be recovered.

    Hard drives are made up of disks known as platters. When someone simply breaks a hard drive, not all of these platters may get broken, so shredding is a great solution. During this process, the hard drive is passed through a shredder which decimates it into small parts, sometimes as small as 6 millimetres in size.

    Other options for hard drive destruction include degaussing, which scrambles the data on the device so that it can't be used again. However, if you want to recycle the hard drive by reusing it in other equipment or even selling your old computer, data erasure is the best solution, overwriting digital information on the equipment.

    How Does Secure Data Erasure Work?

    Data erasure techniques involve specialist data destruction software programs. The system will overwrite all data files on the device several times to wipe and erase it of confidential information. This ensures any data left is unreadable. After you erase the device, it can then be updated and used again. The software system will always confirm whether the erasure was completely successful. Even if just one tiny block of the data files isn't overwritten, the software will fail the process.

    Will I Get a Certificate of Data Destruction?

    Yes. For all hard drives and other equipment securely wiped of personal files, an official certificate of data destruction is generated. This will show the unique serial number of the device and asset barcode so that you can see this document on your client portal audit trail that we give you access to.

    Can You Recycle a Broken Computer?

    Yes. Whether your old computer is broken or working, we offer secure recycling solutions. We can repair computer parts if possible, refurbishing anything from the monitor to the keyboard. However, if the computer is broken beyond repair, we can always break it down into its raw materials to recycle these individually or use in other equipment.

    Please note, reusing old computers and hard drives is one of the most eco-friendly recycling options. The process of breaking the equipment down into separate parts and manufacturing new products can release more energy than performing an IT refurbishment service.

    How Do I Dispose of Old Computers & Printers?

    Old computer devices and printers can be safely disposed of by a secure computer recycling service. Contact us if you require a quote for any of our IT asset management services.

    What Is Secure Disposal?

    A secure disposal will encompass a range of strict measures to make sure the safety of your data and assets is paramount. Always pick a recycling service with some of the following benefits.

    • Secure data destruction methods
    • Free collection service
    • Secure recycling facility
    • On-site and off-site data destruction options
    • Vetted staff
    • Secure vehicles (no third parties)
    • Great reviews
    • Top accreditations in computer disposal services
    • Waste carrier licence (to collect and transport electronic equipment)
    • Secure storage of items during transport and before destruction/recycling

    What WEEE Waste Do You Recycle?

    As a WEEE recycling expert, we offer a range of collection services across the UK. Here are just some of the IT equipment, laptop, hard drive and electronic items we remove, collect and recycle.

    • Old windows PCs and window laptops
    • Old Apple computers
    • Old computer and laptop hard drives
    • Hard drive disks
    • Laptop computers
    • Laptop parts
    • Printers and photocopiers
    • Computer components
    • Network equipment
    • Old mobiles
    • TVs
    • USB sticks
    • Vending machines
    • SMARTboards
    • Much more

    We have lots of information about items we collect for recycling on our co uk site, but if you're still unsure, just contact our team. We'll quickly let you know if the WEEE recycling you need is something we offer.

    What Computer Disposal & Recycling Options Do You Offer?

    We offer a variety of WEEE compliant recycling solutions, from hard drive destruction to data security advice. Here are some of the options available.

    IT Asset Disposal Management Services

    We offer an end-to-end IT asset disposal service, leading the way in the UK computer recycling industry. All of our IT disposal services are completed in accordance with both the WEEE Directive and Environment Agency standards, using our own fleet of vehicles for every collection.

    We work with a wide range of clients, both new and old, from small and large businesses to individuals and project managers. With a proven track record, companies trust us to manage the disposal of their IT equipment from start to finish. This includes collection, audit trails, secure data destruction and erasure certificates.

    Resale & Re-marketing Services

    We can help you generate revenue from your old computer equipment, and we can even take care of the entire service from start to end. We'll buy old and new assets from you and manage data security, refurbishment and resale, or we can also get you the best price if using our computer sales channels. This can help with the costs or purchasing new computers and software for your business.

    Data Destruction Services

    Whether you'd like us to erase your data-carrying media devices or shred your hard drive equipment, we offer the best data destruction services. This is a great way to meet all your data security requirements when planning hard drive recycling or a computer disposal service. We use up to date, recommended techniques to destroy data, from our CPNI approved shredding machines to our erasure programs which are in-line with some of the highest government-set standards.

    Data Shredding Services

    Our data shredding services are ideal if you don't want to reuse the device after we wipe it or the erasure process fails. It's an additional way to make sure that personal and sensitive data on your devices can never be restored. We can either perform the shredding service at our secure facility in Manchester, or you can request for us to bring our mobile shredding machines to your premises. We can even arrange for you to witness the hard drive shredding or erasure process at our data security facility if you need this in order to meet the terms of your company information security privacy policy. We shred anything from mobiles and USB sticks to hard drives and magnetic media.

    IT Installation, Relocation & Decommissioning

    Recycling computer parts doesn't always mean you take the raw materials and recycle them as individual materials. In fact, one of the most environmentally friendly options is to update or refurbish the computer so that it's like a new asset that you can use in your company. We manage some of the largest IT installation, decommissioning and relocation projects, with our skilled computer engineers attending your site to perform such services in full. We can decommission hardware for relocation or asset management and prepare new equipment with custom software. We'll then manage the installation of assets back at your premises.

    IT Asset Redeployment

    As part of our IT decommissioning and IT installation services, we can manage the redeployment of assets within your businesses. This means you'll save money by reusing old equipment elsewhere, refurbishing and updating everything from windows computers to software. We also perform computer hardware repairs, replacing keyboards, system monitors and screens, using highly skilled processes. After completion, you can still decide to use our marketing channels if you'd prefer cash back on assets sold.

    Managed IT Support Services

    We have the technical ability, expertise and capacity to provide your business or organisation with excellent IT support services. Our safe and secure services continue to take place under the highest security levels, giving you access to vetted, qualified staff who can manage your computer support requirements. This includes managed IT backups, ongoing maintenance, site visits and live, ticketed support.

    GDPR Compliance

    Worried about data security at your businesses and whether you comply with all UK regulations? Ask our team to perform a GDPR health check for you. We may even look at your processes and recommend the implementation of secure destruction services. We'll review your written agreements and assess your GDPR compliance to make sure your business meets and surpasses requirements. We can also check any data privacy policies you have in place.

    Why Choose Us for Computer Waste Recycling?

    Here's why you should pick Gigacycle when looking for a secure hard drive and IT recycling provider. Contact us if you need any more information about our terms conditions or services.

    Data Security Specialists

    Whether you want to completely wipe data you store on your devices or physically shred equipment, all our destruction solutions comply with government-approved processes. Choose from three options; erasure, shredding and degaussing. These solutions can also be combined for the ultimate data destruction service.

    Free UK Collections

    We travel across the UK performing secure recycling collections. Each collection service is free of charge as part of our fee, whether we come out to your home or work address to perform the removal of assets.

    Secure Asset Transport & Storage

    We store all your items safely during their time under our management. This includes when we pick them up in our secure fleet of vehicles, using vetted and trained drivers who will lock the goods in the back. All vehicles have satellite monitoring and CCTV in place. Once at our security facility, we can store assets in locked containers, especially if they haven't been through a destruction process yet.

    Leading Recycling Facility

    Our data destruction and disposal centre is one of the most secure in the UK, with all our employees vetted using strict government standards. We have biometric fingerprint access in place in all secure areas, no public access allowed, and robust security doors, fences and barriers. There's working CCTV throughout our premises and 24-hour patrols on-site for extra measure. It would be hard to find a waste recycling facility as secure as ours!

    Digital Audit Trail

    When we remove items from your premises, they will all be tagged with a unique barcode. This allows each item's journey to be uploaded onto our secure digital portal, which you'll have a unique login for. You'll be able to see exactly what stage each of your assets is at, whether they've just been collected, have been through data destruction or sold.

    Secure Client Portal

    As well as tracking your equipment and assets (free with every service), you'll keep the same details for your client portal account. This means you'll always have a record of all data destruction and assets destroyed, which may come in handy if the ICO ever requires evidence of your information security processes. You can also book free collections from your account and access certificates of data destruction.

    Contact Us & Book a Recycling Collection Online

    If you'd like to arrange a secure destruction service or IT waste recycling collection, contact Gigacycle now. We offer free collections when we remove assets from your premises.

    You can book online and also request a quote or additional help by sending an enquiry via our website contact form. Just enter your details, question or quotation request, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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