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We provide data shredding and hard drive shredding with certificated proof of destruction for every hard drive or data bearing asset, ensuring your business remains compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data shredding service allows for the complete destruction of data, whether it is the shredding of hard drives, hole punching, degaussing, or a combination. We also offer granulation/disintegration on request with CPNI approved hard drive shredders.


We can shred any data bearing items, including: hard drives, mobile phones, other storage devices (CDs, USBs, DVDs, Floppy Discs etc.), magnetic Media (DLT, DDS, LTO, DAT Tapes etc.), hard drives and other items (Security Fobs etc.), and much more.


Our data shredders have interchangeable screens and most shredding widths are accommodated. Specifically, we offer the following:

  • 20mm Data Shredding
  • 6mm Data Shredding
  • 6mm CPNI Approved Data Shredding


CPNI is the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. CPNI are leaders in security, providing resources, guidance and standards that govern the effectiveness of shredding machines. Our 6mm and 2mm CPNI shredding services guarantee the highest level of data destruction achievable.


Gigacycle operates its own fleet of GPS Tracked Secure Vehicles operated by Security Vetted Employees. We cover the whole of the UK and can offer on site hard drive shredding at your site.

Our On site hard drive shredding service means we attend your site with our vehicle and shredder and can shred to the specified size your require.

Our mobile hard drive shredders attend your site with the hard drive shredder in our specially made vehicle and can process upto 2000 hard-drives a day.

Our on site hard drive shredding service is able to shred all data bearing media such as tapes , mobile phones , usb drives , data tapes, backup tapes, and much more!


Gigacycles hard drive shredding service and mobile on site hard drive shredding and data shredding service ensures you take no risks with your data.

You can Witness the actual data shredding service in person if you require both at our secure processing facility in Manchester or at your site when using our on site hard drive shredding service.

We allow you to actually view the data shredding service in person so you can guarentee the data has been totally destroyed and take no risks!

We provide a full audit trail of the data destruction process and we itemise every single data bearing assets make model serial number and asset tags.


Whether it’s on site hard drive shredding or off site hard drive shredding or physical data destruction we can accommodate the specific requirement with approved equipment, secure logistics and DBS vetted employees.


We ensure a full audit trail with itemised reporting and bulk erasure certificates, ensuring a record of all items shredded and where they originated from for your internal audit needs.


Our physical destruction services are carried out using processes and equipment that are approved by the CPNI while remaining compliant with the WEEE Directive.