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We are one of the highest accredited IT Asset Disposal and data destruction providers in the UK

We offer a full cradle to grave service from IT Installation / IT Decommissioning  to Data Shredding Services

I.T Asset Disposal

Free and secure IT Disposal & Data Erasure, full audit trail and 100% recycled. No landfill. No incineration.

Secure Logistics, Security Cleared Employees, Online Portal Account, and cashback potential on equipment! ALL FOR FREE!

Data Erasure

Our Certified NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) approved data erasure offers guaranteed data destruction.

We are audited by ADISA who forensically check our data erasure methods on UNANNOUNCED audits!.

I.T Asset Management

Our clients come to us because they know that we can take care of the entire IT Asset management process.

Our Services include IT installation services , IT Deployment , Software Deployment services, IT Decommission Services, Data Centre Migrations, IT Disposal , Data Destruction Services and Data Shredding on site and offsite!

Data Shredding

We can shred any data bearing media onsite and offsite down to 6mm particles!

We offer harddrive shredding , backup tape shredding, data shredding services

What makes the difference?

We are the industry leading ITAD Provider

The Security of your Data is the bedrock of our service.

Take No Risks….

Features Other ITADs GIGACYCLE
Free Collections
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Licensed Waste Carrier
NCSC Certified Data Erasure
Own Fleet of Secure CCTV GPS Tracked Logistics
ADISA - Distinction level Certification
Staff Security Vetted to BS7858 Standards (SC Cleared)
NO Third Parties / Contractors

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The IT Asset Disposal Process

We provide full transparency to you at every stage of the retirement process. Each stage is compliant with several ISO standards, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) standards and the ADISA standard for the overall process and methods.

We provide full transparency to you at every stage of the retirement process. Each stage is compliant with several ISO standards, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) standards and the ADISA standard for the overall process and methods.


Your Assets are securely collected using our own satellite tracked vehicles and security vetted staff


We will itemise any asset tag every item, this is visible immediately in our online collection portal


We will securely wipe all data and remove any identifying markings on all assets


We will refurbish and repair the IT equipment


Your assets are re marketed using our specialist sales channels to obtain the highest value, You will then receive the Revenue back for the Equipment!

Online Customer Portal

Book, View and modify collections, View Collection History, Data Destruction Certificates, Waste Transfer Notes and Manifests all available online in your portal.

Real-time Access, Anytime, Anywhere

View the status of your assets as they are being processed live in real-time with access to the portal from any smart device or web browser.

Secure Asset Management Portal

You'll receive access for yourself or your clients to our secure portal where current or past collections can be viewed and certificates downloaded.

Data Destruction Certificates

Data Destruction Certificates can be downloaded and are always available on the portal, individually matched to each asset by serial number for your convenience.

Every Asset is tracked

Every asset we collect is audited into the system for you to view in real time. We itemise all assets by make, model, serial number, asset tags and weight for you to view online.

Gigacycle IT Asset Disposal Computer Recycling Computer Disposal Data Erasure Data Destruction WEEE Disposal

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About Us


  • All our employees are security vetted to the highest standards, to conform to the strictest government standards. This includes DBS checks (Previously CRB), Work References, Character references, Proof of Address, Photographic identification and DVLA license verification.
  • Our Employees are all uniformed and carry photographic ID badges at all times. Each employee requires bio metric fingerprint access to the secure  data recycling to access each area. Your security is our service.
  • Our 8000 Square foot secure processing facility is based in Trafford Park businesses centre, Manchester. We are proud to say that we are one of the most secure IT disposal processing facilities in the UK, with bio metric fingerprint access, 24hr monitored CCTV, 24hr on-site security patrol, mandatory metal detector searches, security gates, security doors and barriers, lockable storage cages and no public access you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.
  • We operate our own fleet of secure logistics vehicles. All our vehicles are fitted with monitored GPS Tracking that includes stationary alerts, route tracking and Way points. Our vehicles are also fitted with CCTV so we can view the front rear and sides of the vehicle, Vehicle cockpit and the Vehicle Goods area. Our vehicles are also fitted with Armaplate slam locks to ensure goods in transit and we operate a strict secure logistics policy so our security vetted drivers know exactly what to do in every situation.
  • Gigacycle is proud to operate a 0% Landfill policy. In our computer recycling center and processing facility in Manchester we can recycle and reuse every piece of IT related equipment.
  • How do we do this? Our first option is to Reuse! We aim to reuse as a first option as this is the best form of recycling as it requires less energy and has the least environmental impact than it would to manufacture again.
  • If the equipment is broken or is deemed unusable our team of skilled technicians will deconstruct it to raw materials such as plastic, aluminium, steel and copper and glass. These Raw materials are then used to manufacture new products!
  • Gigacycle is proud to also be ADISA certified to distinction level. ADISA is the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance who are an external audit agency for our industry.
  • The ADISA audit process is multi-layered including full audits by UKAS certified auditors, unannounced operational audits and unannounced forensic audits that ensure our data destruction operation practices are 100% compliant. We work hard to obtain this mark of approval and we work harder to maintain our standards.




Summary of Services


Secure IT Disposal

  • Gigacycle Ltd is one of the leading IT disposal companies (ITAD) and computer recycling firms in the UK. Our head office and processing facility is in Manchester recycling centre and we have regional offices in weee recycling London and Edinburgh providing London computer recycling and Edinburgh computer recycling. We also provide Manchester computer recycling, Trafford recycling, Stretford recycling centre, Warrington computer recycling, Leeds computer recycling, Bradford computer recycling, Lancashire computer recycling, Yorkshire computer recycling, Birmingham computer recycling, Liverpool computer recycling, Cheshire computer recycling, bury computer recycling, Blackburn computer recycling, Burnley computer recycling, Salford recycling centre, cycle recycle Bradford, scrap metal collection Oldham, shredding Manchester services, Trafford council recycling and Chester computer recycling, We provide services for clients all over the UK, using our own drivers and fleet of satellite tracked vehicles, CCTV fitted vehicles. Our waste disposal Manchester and IT disposal services are tier 1 in terms of quality and information assurance and we offer the most secure computer disposal service in the UK.
  • We work in accordance with the W.E.E.E Directive and Environment Agency legislation in the UK and top recycle ico companies, providing a heavily accredited weee recycling centres and computer disposals ltd service to assist organisations in secure redundant IT equipment disposal including safe pc disposal, office equipment disposal, computer printer disposal and disposal of telephone equipment
  • IT disposal can be an expensive hassle for businesses and our aim is to make it as simple and cost-effective as possible for our customers. We provide you with complete transparency throughout the disposal process ensuring to adopt a safe, secure and environmentally responsible workflow.

Asset Management & Re-Marketing (Cash back or Value Recovery)

  • Looking to recycle computer equipment for cash or recycle computers for cash UK services? You can generate revenue from computer recycling. Clients stay with us because we provide the complete end-to-end asset management package from waste collection Manchester services to erasure, storage, audit trail, refurbishing and re-sale.
  • We revive IT equipment to ensure you get the most value when you choose to weee recycle IT assets
  • We can manage the whole process to ensure clients are compliant with information security standards and ensure the whole process is audited from start to finish with full transparency to the client.

Certified Data Erasure

  • Information security and personal data breaches are costly. The ICO issues large fines to organisations that do not conform to the Data Protection Act 1998 or the General Data Protection Regulation. Gigacycle is ICO registered and accredited by ADISA to a Distinction level which is one of the most respected and highly regarded accreditations in information security.
  • Our clients don’t take risks with information security and neither do we. That’s why we go above and beyond internationally recognised standards to guarantee complete erasure.
  • We offer NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) approved data erasure methods, offering hard drive erasure, tape erasure, cd erasure, DVD erasure, USB erasure, SSD erasure, flash drive erasure, zip drive erasure, floppy disk erasure and all other data erasure. We use specialist IT hardware recycling and software that is approved by NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG), the information security arm of GCHQ. Our methods are also accredited by ADISA.

Data Destruction

  • We can shred any media bearing items, including: hard drives, mobile phones, other storage devices (CDs, USBs, DVDs, Floppy Discs etc.), magnetic Media (DLT, DDS, LTO, DAT Tapes etc.), other items (Security Fobs etc.), and much more.
  • Our shredders have interchangeable screens and most shredding widths are accommodated. Specifically, we offer the following:
    • 40mm Shredding (ADISA)
    • 30mm Shredding (ADISA)
    • 20mm Shredding (ADISA)
    • 6mm Shredding (ADISA, CPNI)
    • 2mm Shredding for SSDs, CDs and Tapes (ADISA, CPNI)
  • CPNI is the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. CPNI are leaders in security, providing resources, guidance and standards that govern the effectiveness of shredding machines. Our 6mm and 2mm CPNI shredding services guarantee the highest level of data destruction achievable. If you have any data at all we’ll shred it!

IT Redeployment

  • Our IT redeployment service can transform your used equipment into like-new equipment, upgraded, refurbished and prepared to be even better than before.
  • With our service you no longer discard used IT assets. We revive IT assets and you can redeploy them to other staff members and we take care of the whole process for you!
  • ICT asset recovery, computer salvage management and redeployment can be a time consuming process that very rarely is cost effective to perform internally for any business. Our service will take this problem and turn it into a solution that will save time money and effort.
  • Sometimes there is no need to buy new IT equipment for your business when you already have the equipment ready to use. Many companies assume buying new equipment is the answer. Our Redeployment service will transform used IT equipment recycling to like new. We have the ability to literally collect from a desk refurbish and redeploy as if it was a new asset to its new location at your workplace.

GDPR Compliance

  • Since the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into legislation before Brexit, the UK still has to adopt the EU GDPR and adapt it for use within the UK. The GDPR is now part of UK legislation but will not be enforceable until 2018. Some companies are now being proactive about the GDPR and are taking preventative measure now to ensure they are compliant by May 2018; however a lot of companies are still turning a blind eye and will remain reactive to the GDPR.
  • Data disposal and erasure is a major part of the GDPR. Under the GDPR Gigacycle is registered with the ICO as a Data Processor. This means we’re qualified to handle and erase your data under the GDPR. Data Controllers are companies like yours that initially produce the data. Under the GDPR Data Controllers must have written agreements with Data Processors to ensure disposal and erasure of data is as secure as possible.
  • At Gigacycle we’re offering to provide a free health check or audit of your current end-of-life data processes and will provide you with a detailed SWOT analysis and project plan for achieving GDPR compliance.
  • Our IT recycle ltd services ensure your organisation is fully compliant with Chapter 4 of the GDPR.


Items We Collect & Recycling Jobs Manchester Services

We provide a free IT recycling collection service for free IT disposal, secure pc disposal, free recycle Manchester collections and computer recycling. Along with recycling laptops and computers we actually collect a range of other electrical equipment listed below:

  • Computer recycling Manchester
  • Laptop recycling UK
  • Hard drive recycling / Hard drive destruction
  • Server recycling
  • Monitor recycling / TFT recycling
  • Printer recycling
  • Cable recycling
  • Circuit board recycling
  • Keyboard recycling
  • Mice recycling
  • Computer components Manchester recycling
  • PC components Manchester
  • Phone recycling
  • Console recycling
  • Network equipment recycling / networking recycling
  • Projector recycling
  • SMART board recycling / promethean board recycling
  • Vending machine recycling
  • TV recycling
  • Photocopier recycling
  • Microfiche recycling
  • CD recycling
  • DVD recycling
  • Tape recycling
  • White goods recycling
  • Fluorescent Light Recycling
  • ePOS recycling
  • Circuit board recycling


Gigacycle News


How to choose the right IT Disposal & Computer Recycling provider.

Many computer hardware recycling and weee recycling companies offer the same services with little variance in quality of service. The standard collection and erasure service is usually free of charge in order to catch the large amount of business that is searching for “free weee recycling uk”, “free computer disposal” or “free computer recycling.” How can they offer it for free? The standard proposition invites free collections, erasure and recycling of I.T equipment in the hope of recouping costs through refurbishment and re-sale. Unfortunately a large portion of IT asset disposal firms undertake significant environmental and information security risks in the pursuit of higher re-sale values.

Where Gigacycle differs from many of these companies is that we are regulated by strict authoring bodies to ensure any pc recycling uk services and data erasure that takes place is executed with minimal risk and minimal impact. Our regulators include the Information Commissioner’s Office, the National Cyber Security Centre, the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, the Environment Agency, CIS for our ISO 9001/14001/27001 standards and the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) for the start-to-end process that covers our entire operation. If your current computer equipment disposal provider does not comply with the regulations above at the least, your company is at risk of being the subject of a major data breach.

From examples in the media we’ve all seen that a data breach can cause havoc when made public. Not only is it hazardous from a public relations and national security perspective but a data breach can now land you a 4% annual global revenue fine under the new General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is replacing the Data Protection Act and the ICO is gearing up to heavily enforce the regulation from May 2018. As a result a lot of UK companies have either invested in GDPR compliance consulting or have denied their non-compliance and are choosing to remain reactive rather than proactive. A lot of companies are simply unaware of the implications of the GDPR.

Gigacycle offers a free collection, erasure and computer disposal UK service which makes some level of GDPR compliance available and easily accessible to all organisations. At any stage of an organisation’s compliance gap project Gigacycle can assist in fulfilling the information and asset disposal section of the GDPR.

GDPR compliance isn’t just about following the law – in our industry GDPR compliance translates directly to risk mitigation. Most organisations won’t see value past residual equipment value in recycling and having a company like Gigacycle erase your data but what Gigacycle really does is mitigate risk through offering GDPR compliance. In the case that an organisation encounters a data breach and the ICO concludes that the organisation had no service-level agreement in place to handle data erasure and old computer disposal, the organisation is wholly liable for the damages and will be fined. Not only will the organisation be fined for the data breach but also for not having the correct computer recycling and data erasure agreement in place.

Unfortunately there was a case in 2013 with NHS Surrey where a fine was issued to the organisation for not having a contract in place with their computer store Manchester disposal provider. When you look into the case, NHS Surrey actually made the decision to leave an approved supplier and hand their data to a new supplier who did not offer any contract and who didn’t have the correct accreditation or even processes in place. As a result, over 3,000 patient records contained on computers that were sold on eBay by the computer disposal firm were compromised. This is a perfect example to highlight the difference between Gigacycle and other IT disposal firms, but also highlights that organisations can still be fined where due diligence is not exercised. A good IT disposal firm will recommend the correct steps to ensure full compliance and will never leave an organisation in the dark. The total fine issued to NHS Surrey was £200,000.

If that organisation had an agreement in place with a company like Gigacycle, that organisation would have encountered no loss as the service-level agreement relieves that organisation of any risks and responsibility in recycling and erasure. Furthermore, that organisation would not have experienced a breach in the first place.

Through experience in this industry we can easily summarise that most organisations leave computer hardware disposal to internal staff that lack the knowledge or experience to understand the ramifications of choosing the wrong IT disposal firm or not outsourcing their recycling and erasure activities. Again, it’s an issue that the GDPR was drafted to resolve and yet most companies are unaware of what’s required.

There is a huge fiscal value in risk mitigation as exemplified by the NHS Surrey case. However, a lot of organisations still aren’t making the right decisions simply because the decision maker is usually unaware of the importance of secure computer recycling and disposal. It’s perhaps the most important part of the GDPR, one that isn’t stressed enough even though it’s a serious safety issue. Under the GDPR most public authorities, organisations that carry out large scale systematic monitoring of individuals such as market research companies, and organisations that process large amounts of sensitive information need to appoint a Data Protection Officer. This falls under the accountability principle in Article 5(2) of the GDPR that requires you to demonstrate that organisations comply with principles and states explicitly that this is the organisation’s responsibility

There are several benefits to appointing a Data Protection Officer. Specifically, the appointment of a DPO means an organisation has a dedicated member of staff to review all data processing and information handling activities. In our experience, a majority of companies assign the responsibilities of a data protection officer to a member of staff without assigning a title. As a result that member of staff lacks the due diligence to ensure data processing activities are recorded and audited. This commonly leads to decisions being made in computer disposals limited and data erasure that are severely non-compliant and introduces a high level of risk.

For those companies that are not required by law to appoint a Data Protection Officer, it is still important to remain proactive and not to be complacent. Organisations still need educated and dedicated personnel to record data processing activities and ensure compliance. Currently, a lot of organisations that don’t require Data Protection Officers under the GDPR are turning to local consultancies to bulletproof their processes for the GDPR however becoming compliant and remaining compliant are two separate exercises. In relation to computer disposal and data erasure, secure IT disposal firms will enter an on-going agreement with organisations and provide periodic reminders to recycle computer parts Manchester items including laptops, hard drives etc., providing all of the relevant documentation


The value in outsourcing data erasure and computer recycling UK operations to a Data Processor like Gigacycle goes beyond the revenue generated from risk mitigation. Organisations that don’t require Data Protection Officers benefit by having their IT disposal provider looking after the entire operation and providing all relevant documentation. Documentation includes Environment Agency paperwork, data destruction certificates, audit trails of the whole process and a service-level agreement. Simply by obtaining this documentation from the provider, organisations can remain compliant without assigning additional resource to look after these activities. Hence, the value in outsourcing data erasure and computer recycling operations is found in revenue from risk mitigation as well as revenue from a saving in resource costs.

Organisations or Data Controllers are regulated by the ICO who will conduct spot checks and act on suspicion of incorrect practices. Removing responsibility and liability from the organisation (or Data Controller under the GDPR) means the provider of these data erasure and computer recycling activities should also be regulated. However, the ICO can’t be everywhere at once so how do organisations ensure their computer disposal provider is remaining compliant to the GDPR and practising secure data erasure processes? Unsurprisingly there is little being done by the UK government to produce a standard for IT disposal firms however the UK is very lucky to be host to an organisation called ADISA (The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance). ADISA is a regulatory body that works with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Ministry of Defence to bring information security standards and processes to a format that is enforceable across commercial organisations in the UK. The ADISA standard is precise, detailed heavily audited and very strict. IT disposal firms that conform to the ADISA standard have access to military and public sector tenders which is exemplary of the stringent information security requirements of the standard. These organisations undergo random site audits, forensic testing, full background checks of all staff and full physical site security and logistic security tests. This ensures that when the standard is accredited to an IT disposal firm, it is maintained at all times and not forgotten. Gigacycle hold an ADISA accreditation to a Distinction level which means their entire operation goes above and beyond the minimum information security requirements set by the ICO and the NCSC and surpasses most extraordinary requirements of other defence and high-risk organisations.

If an organisation’s provider is not accredited by ADISA, red flags should be raised as to why. There are a lot of areas where a computer recycling firm can go wrong, most commonly in human error. Standards like ADISA are unique because they set their standard to audit processes for eradicating the risk of human error. If a computer disposal organisation is not accredited by ADISA and hence not inclined to maintain a certain standard the risk of human error, processional errors and technical errors increases excessively.

Taking in to account the importance of choosing the right IT disposal firm, organisations need to ensure they are still reporting and tracking each asset and receiving reports from their computer disposal provider on each asset’s ultimate erasure and recycling. It is important to track how many items were collected the site versus how many were recorded and recycled by the disposal firm. This raises two points; asset tracking should already be part of the organisation’s I.T procedures and the computer disposal provider should provide fully transparent methods of tracking assets once the collection has been made. Although it may not seem obvious, a failure to track all I.T assets gives way to a heavy information security risk. Failure to track assets mean some assets containing personal or sensitive data can be compromised without knowledge, hence organisations may experience a breach internally even though they may already be using an approved I.T recycling firm. Keeping track of internal assets also insures organisations gain the highest return on all investments as otherwise unknown assets may become redundant and lose value that would otherwise have been recovered in recycling.

Organisations are at risk of being fined by the ICO if they are found to expose personal information to risk. Exposing personal information to risk of a data breach can come in many forms and one of those is a lack of internal asset tracking. A recent interaction with a client tells a good story about how internal asset tracking plays a large importance in reducing the risk of a data breach. This particular client had employed a new team to set up a new asset management system for their organisations assets. There was no system previously in place so over two-hundred machines were still unaccounted for after the initial site audits were carried out. These two-hundred machines could have either been sold or disposed of without record. In this case the client would face prosecution from the ICO should one of the unaccounted assets be compromised and surfaced to public knowledge in a data breach.

Another recent example of the incorrect processes adopted by organisations does not relate to I.T recycling, however it shows the importance of due diligence when dealing with personal information at all stages of the I.T life-cycle. Gloucester City Council was recently fined £100,000 by the ICO when an attacker took advantage of a weakness in the council’s website in July 2014, which led to over 30,000 emails being downloaded from council mailboxes. The emails contained financial and sensitive information about council staff. The attack exploited the ‘Heartbleed’ software flaw. Despite well publicised warnings from the ICO and the media, the council failed to repair the vulnerability in a timely manner, leaving personal information at risk and breaking data protection law. The ICO investigation found that the council did not have sufficient processes in place to ensure its systems had been updated while changes to suppliers were made.

Let us say for example, the 30,000 emails had been downloaded from a computer which was recycled incorrectly. In the most common scenario, internal staff would simply format the hard drive within the computer and would generate revenue from old equipment by selling the asset on eBay. Although the staff took the steps necessary to remove information from a drive, the erasure method holds no guarantee for complete erasure. Furthermore, the organisation had no agreement with a data processing firm like Gigacycle and was not registered as a Data Processor with the ICO. As a result, the ICO investigation would have the same result – the council would not have had sufficient processes in place to ensure personal information was not exposed to risk.

Gigacycle has the necessary certification to fully comply with the WEEE Directive, which was introduced by the government to ensure that UK businesses dispose of I.T equipment, including computers, in an environmentally friendly manner through Environment Agency registered carriers. Gigacycle holds the ISO 9001 certification; this certification takes its name from the series of standards that has been developed by the ISO or – to use its more formal name – the International Organisation for Standardisation and ensures an effective quality assurance system for companies in manufacturing and service industries. Gigacycle is also accredited to the ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 standards.

There are several distinct stages in the process that we follow when we dispose of a computer from one of our clients, and reading and learning about this process should help you to better understand what makes it so vital to use a company like Gigacycle.

The process begins with us collecting your assets. The collection is carried out at the client’s business or home by a member of our staff, who has been DBS-vetted, and will show their company ID upon arriving at the client’s collection address. This member of staff uses a secured vehicle which is approved by ADISA to transport the computer to the Gigacycle recycling centre in Manchester which has also been audited and approved by ADISA; at this centre, any data stored within the computer is destroyed using NCSC and ADISA approved data erasure methods. (Learn about our data destruction services here) The computer is then recycled; any non-recyclable parts are salvaged for use in the refurbishment process for clients that wish to recovery value from their assets.



Passing our second unannounced ADISA Audit.


We’ve just passed another unannounced audit by ADISA – The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance!

I.T recycling companies that aren’t accredited by ADISA cannot provide the same level of information security assurance as we do, so in using us as your disposal partner you will be making the right decision.

Lisa Mellings of ADISA says “Gigacycle have been members of ADISA for just over a year and have been audited three times in this period, two of which have been unannounced audits. These audits are completely and utterly unannounced with the member having no prior warning to the ADISA auditor turning up. The spot-check comprises of an operational check of procedures and a random selection of 10 assets which are all forensically checked for data. Only when all these stringent checks are passed does the member receive notification that they have maintained their certification. Gigacycle are certified at Distinction which goes to highlight the huge commitment they make to ensure they adhere to the very best practice possible and can offer complete peace of mind to the end user.

To give you a glimpse into the importance of the audit, ADISA is the only authoring body in the UK that has a strict criteria which is specific to collecting and erasing I.T equipment. It is the only regulated standard that is formally recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre and the Ministry of Defence. For existing customers, our ADISA accreditation is the reason why a lot of you have continued to conduct business with us. Our GPS tracking information, CCTV footage, data-handling processes and written agreements with clients were all audited during the spot check. Our erased hard drives also went through advanced forensic testing to detect any traces of data and none was found.

Passing the audit means that we can continue to provide the safest possible recycling and erasure service to you at no cost.

If you continue to use us in the future, you will also be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which is replacing the Data Protection Act 1998 and is enforceable by the ICO from May 2018. We deeply thank you for your custom and we hope that you will be in touch for your next I.T disposal and erasure requirement.

Thanks to all who have supported us by either helping us on the back-end or in choosing us to recycle for Greater Manchester and erase your I.T assets!



        GDPR Compliance: 3 Key Implications


Among reassurance of the integrity of our services thanks to the recent ADISA audit pass we’ve achieved, we’re gearing up to help organisations in becoming compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, specifically with the sections that concern data erasure.

The General Data Protection Regulation enforcement date is gaining on us and more businesses are seeking help from consultancies to ensure the understand the implications and are compliant by 25th May 2018, when the GDPR will formally replace the Data Protection Act 1998 and will be enforceable by the ICO.

On the secure IT recycling companies and data erasure front, the GDPR will have 3 key implications on organisations:

  • Right to be forgotten: If there is no need for data stored by the firm, personal data of a data subject must be securely erased.
  • Organisations (Controllers) must have a written agreement with Processors (us) to ensure the secure erasure of personal data.
  • Controllers who process and erase their own data are subject to a 4% global annual revenue fine in the event of a data breach.

Organisations must understand that they will be audited by the ICO. It’s not a question of IF, it’s WHEN. The resources made available to the ICO have increased and they have made it clear to all organisations that enforcement of the GDPR will be more prevalent than any action taken against organisations throughout the reign of the Data Protection Act 1998. Taking the stance of “don’t worry we’ll never be audited” is simply not worth the risk, especially with the new threat of a 4% Global Annual Revenue fine for any breach of the GDPR.

The free service that we offer ensures that you remain compliant with the GDPR. We provide written agreements for every collection and we remove data breach liabilities from you in the process.



        First unannounced ADISA audit passed!


It’s a proud day at Gigacycle! We have passed our unannounced ADISA audit and remain certified with ADISA to DISTINCTION!

The auditor arrived without notice or warning at our secure computer disposal processing facility in Manchester in October.

Launched in 2010, the ADISA IT Disposal standard focuses on the security of the IT recovery process.

The ADISA standard is formally recognised by the ministry of defence and DIP COG. The audit process is multi-layered and is conducted by an official UKAS certified auditor. The audit certifies our process, our security, our data destruction methods, our staff and our fleet of vehicles. This approach means that ADISA Certified companies have an obligation to maintain the highest standards at all times as an audit failure could lead to suspension or removal from the program.

We are very proud to say we passed with flying colours and we fly our certification with ADISA high. This shows our customers and clients that we continue to maintain our high standards and our processes. Our services provide you with reassurance that the end of life retirement process or IT Assets is fully compliant to the highest standards. With the changes to the EU data protection regulations finally agreed, it is only a matter of time before they are set in stone in the UK. With this in mind, maintaining ADISA certification has never been more important as GIGACYCLE will prepare for the changes to come.

We welcome audits by our clients and potential clients, so you can visit our processing facility in Manchester and see why we are one of the highest certified ADISA members in the UK.



        Gigacycle is now ADISA Accredited


Gigacycle has been awarded the ADISA certification at a Distinction level against their IT disposal (ITAD) standard at their processing facility in Manchester.

ADISA, the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance, is the leading accreditation body for the IT Asset Disposition Industry. The ADISA standard has the primary objective of measuring a service providers’ capability for providing secure asset recovery and data sanitisation services to businesses.

Gigacycle is the only ADISA certified IT disposal firm based in the true heart of Manchester city. Gigacycle has regional offices in London and Edinburgh, along with a processing facility in Manchester and is a leading UK provider of secure IT disposal and data destruction services to clients across the country.

Gigacycle’ s customers include Small to Medium Enterprises, Public Sector companies, the NHS and large corporations. Gigacycle has seen a rapid growth in the last 3 years propelling them to the forefront of secure IT disposal.

This award from ADISA is the latest achievement Gigacycle has accomplished adding to a long line of accreditations that highlight the high standard they provide. They include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 however ADISA is the the highest standard that is specifically carved out to audit the IT disposal process and data destruction methods.

Why is this Unique?

Gigacycle’s unique selling point is their offering of a free secure IT disposal service that clients can trust. They are offering a premium service with premium accreditations, free of charge. Using Gigacycle’s own fleet of vehicles, businesses in the UK are able to benefit from this service which has been praised by local councils and organisations.


Launched in 2010, the ADISA Industry Standards for companies who participate in IT asset recovery now extends into the world of leasing, logistics and repair centres, as well as the well-established IT disposal Standard. The ADISA Standard is recognised by DIPCOG, which is a NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) and Ministry of Defence committee, as being an industry Standard of Merit. The ADISA Certification gives clients reassurance that their ITAD partner operates to the highest industry standards, reflecting current best practice for handling data carrying assets.

“I’m delighted to welcome Gigacycle onto the ADISA certification programme. Their initial audit was very clean indeed and is testament to the hard work Gigacycle has put in since we first met 3 years ago. I look forward to working with the team at Gigacycle to help them drive their business forward”.

Steve Mellings – ADISA




Our list of accreditation and certifications is below:

  • Environment Agency Waste Carriers License – Broker / Dealer
  • Environment Agency – S2 – exemption to Store WEEE
  • Environment Agency Waste – T11 – License to treat WEEE
  • Environment Agency – Registered Waste Producer
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • Information Commissioners office (ICO) – Registered data controller
  • Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) – DISTINCTION Certification
  • Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) – ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBER
  • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) – Certified Data Destruction Method
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Professional indemnity Insurance


Our list of accreditation and certifications is below:

  • Environment Agency Waste Carriers License – Broker / Dealer
  • Environment Agency – S2 – exemption to Store WEEE
  • Environment Agency Waste – T11 – License to treat WEEE
  • Environment Agency – Registered Waste Producer
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • Information Commissioners office (ICO) – Registered data controller
  • Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) – DISTINCTION Certification
  • Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) – ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBER
  • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) – Certified Data Destruction Method
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Professional indemnity Insurance



You can call us on 0800 024 2476, email us on [email protected], visit us at or book a meeting with us in Trafford Park, Manchester.





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The basic computer recycling Computer Recycling Services offered are free of charge, as long as the minimum quantity of major items such as desktops, laptops and monitors are met.

After a booking for computer recycling is made your collection will be placed in a queue and we will always contact you to confirm. After a computer recycling collection has been confirmed by both the waste producer and waste carrier the producer is subject to a cancellation fee for cancellations within 24 hours of the collection date.

The fee for premium NCSC data erasure will be detailed in the written agreement signed prior to the computer recycling collection.

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