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Since the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into legislation in 2018, the UK has adopted the EU GDPR for use within the UK. Some companies have been proactive about the GDPR and have taken preventative measure to ensure they are compliant; however a lot of companies are still turning a blind eye and will remain reactive to the GDPR.

Data disposal and erasure is a major part of the GDPR. Under the GDPR Data Controllers must have written agreements with Data Processors to ensure disposal and erasure of data is as secure as possible. Gigacycle strictly adheres to all the requirements set out in the GDPR for Data Processors.


The GDPR presents a perfect opportunity for organisations to understand their key risks and embed privacy driven design principles into computer recycling, data disposal and erasure.

We have split our services into five focus areas to help you comply with current legislation, especially GDPR compliance, and its bearing upon I.T. Asset Disposition.

Awareness Workshop: Our workshop is designed to facilitate an understanding of privacy within your organisation and will provide an awareness of how GDPR impacts your organisation.

Data Mapping Exercise: will help you to identify, classify and discover the data in your organisation, with our risk management experts providing pragmatic consultancy as they assess your data risk.

Privacy/Data Protection Impact Assessment: A measurement of the impact to your business of failure to protect PII in accordance with DPA and GDPR.

Health Check: Our health check has been designed to understand your privacy risks according to your business objectives. We will assess your privacy controls according to both DPA and GDPR requirements.

Strategy and Remediation Support: Now, more than ever, there is a need for organisations to have a defined strategy to manage privacy risks. We will help you to assess the risk, build a road-map and assist in all aspects of remediation and compliance with the DPA and GDPR.


We’ll ensure your business meets and surpasses the requirements for GDPR compliance relation to I.T. Asset Disposition.


We'll ensure your business meets and surpasses the requirements for GDPR compliance relating to I.T asset disposition.


We'll provide you with effective analysis and a custom roadmap of where you are now and how to achieve GDPR compliance.


We'll educate you and answer any questions about the GDPR including key differences between the DPA and GDPR.