IT Recycling


IT Recycling

When you are finished with your corporate IT equipment, the most logical thing to do is to recycle it in the most cost-effective way. Gigacycle offers an IT recycling service that is free, secure and flexible.


Free IT recycling services are easy enough to find on the Internet however not all of them have the proper accreditation to securely handle your data and prevent information security breaches.

  • Many companies do not adequately cleanse data from IT equipment before it is recycled.
  • Much of the old IT equipment that is supposedly recycled actually ends up in landfill sites, whether in the UK or overseas which is damaging to the environment.

Don’t take risks on your data security and company reputation when recycling old IT equipment. We offer a secure and efficient IT recycling service that guarantees complete eradication of data, and recycling of all your component parts in an environmentally friendly way. We’re accredited by UKAS to ISO 27001  ISO 14001 ISO 9001 information security standard as well as ISO 27001 for information security and ISO 14001 for environmental standards. We are also a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Officer because we process data.


The entire IT recycling process is accredited and certified which means every step of the process is secure and tracked, providing complete peace of mind to our clients.

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