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computer disposal in warrington

Many companies in and outside Warrington can benefit from free computer disposal. 

If your company seeks to get rid of its old computers swiftly and securely, it can hugely benefit from free computer disposal services from Gigacycle. We are based near Warrington and, indeed, can and do serve many companies in and just outside Warrington. However, we can also serve many companies right across the UK. Read further to learn more about how we can help you company to dispose of computers in a safe, secure and eco-friendly way.

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We have highly regarded certifications for computer disposal


There are many companies that pledge services enabling the disposal of companies’ old computers free of charge. However, companies considering turning to these services should consider that many of the companies offering them are not appropriately certified to prove that they can dispose of computers in a genuinely safe, secure and environmentally friendly manner. Indeed, not all of these companies use disposal practices that have been approved by the Environment Agency.


Where Gigacycle differ from many of these companies is that we have the appropriate certification. We have, for example, the necessary certification to fully comply with the WEEE Directive, which was introduced by the government to ensure that UK businesses dispose of IT equipment, including computers, properly through using registered carriers. We have ISO 9001 certification; this certification takes its name from the series of standards that has been developed by the ISO or – to use its more formal name – the International Organisation for Standardisation and ensures an effective quality assurance system for companies in manufacturing and service industries.

Gigacycle is also accredited to ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) and we are also accredited and audited by ADISA to DISTINCTION level.


Stages of Gigacycle’s computer disposal process


There are several distinct stages in the process that we follow when we dispose of a computer from one of our clients, and reading and learning about this process should help you to better understand why the process ensures safe, secure and eco-friendly computer disposal.


The process begins with us collecting a computer. The collection is carried out at the client’s business or home by a member of our staff, who has been security vetted for the client’s comfort and will show their badge upon arriving at the client’s home. This member of staff then uses a secured vehicle to transport the computer to the Gigacycle recycling centre near Warrington; at this centre, any data stored within the computer is destroyed using a technique that more than meets industry-set standards. (Learn about our data destruction services here)  The computer is then recycled; any non-recycled parts are salvaged.

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