The importance of companies using a proper WEEE recycling company

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The importance of companies using a proper WEEE recycling company

Many UK companies often seek to dispose of IT equipment. Much of the 1,000,000 tonnes of waste electronic and electrical equipment, commonly called WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, annually made by UK businesses used to be sent to landfill. However, during the last decade, the WEEE Directive has been used to help to address environmental and social problems that have resulted from the common disposal of WEEE in this way. The WEEE Directive and many other factors ensure the importance for many UK companies to recycle WEEE using a proper WEEE recycling company.

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Crucial implications of the WEEE Directive


The WEEE Directive has had legal force in the UK since July 1, 2007 and ensures that all domestic and commercial WEEE is now reused or – for the waste that cannot be reused – treated and recycled in adherence to strict standards. Domestic waste IT equipment is now routinely delivered to what are called household waste recycling centres – or HWRC – or designated collection facilities – or DCFs – before being collected by or delivered to approved authorised treatment facilities or AAFTs.


Companies can adhere to the WEEE Directive through recycling their waste IT equipment with assistance from a proper WEEE recycling company. We say ‘a proper WEEE recycling company’ to refer to a company with the appropriate credentials demonstrating that it genuinely can recycle waste IT equipment in a way that is safe, secure and environmentally friendly for their clients. Gigacycle is one company that meets this criteria. Gigacycle has all of the necessary licences, certification and insurance to completely comply with the WEEE Directive.

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Dangers for companies who do not use a proper WEEE recycling company

There are many other IT equipment recycling companies who could land their clients in trouble. For example, during recycling, they could fail to delete data on the equipment in a manner ensuring that their clients adhere to the Data Protection Act. Businesses that fail to adhere to the WEEE Directive could face a minimum fine of £5,000 per prosecution and those violating the Data Protection Act could be subjected to a fine of up to £500,000 per prosecution.

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Be sure to use a certified WEEE disposal partner such as GIGACYCLE.

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